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 About China Yiquan (Shenzhen) Club
   The China Yiquan Shenzhen Club was set up by Mr. Lin Zhaolun (林肇伦), one of the top students of Mr. Yao Zongxun (姚宗勋). Lin is one of the leading figures of the third generation of Yiquan school.
Here is our club, a communicating platform of regimen, sinomartiology and Chinese culture. It’s really an ideal resort for all, young or aged, the healthy or subhealthy, martiologist or non-martiologist. You may most probably deepen your interest in Yiquan while you mean to dip it. 
We regard it our mission to spread Yiquan, to disseminate its essence in keeping health, curing disease and improving martial skills. When it is understandable and acceptable, it will surely be practicable and then profitable. The following are the spirit, philosophy and tenet of our club.
The spirit of the club: impart and reinvigorate sinomartiology.
The philosophy: regimen, fighting skills and culture.
The tenet: spread Yiquan for the welfare of the humanity.

  About Mr.Lin Zhaolun

     Mr. Lin Zhaolun was born in Beijing ( 北京 ), a (功夫)sinomartiologist-crowded city. From his childhood on, he had received martial tutoring about Shaolinquan (Shaolin Temple Boxing), Xingyiquan (Form-and-Will Boxing),
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Baguazhang (Eight-Diagram Palm) and Tai chi. This unique early experience proved to be great helpful when he began study of Yiquan in 1965 from Yang Demao ( 杨德茂 )and Yao Zongxun( 姚宗勋 ), both of them great Yiquan masters of second generation. Lin was especially thought highly by Master Yao and consequently inherited the whole system of Yiquan from Yao . Lin even taught a Japanese martiologist in the name of Yao . In 1990, with the tutorship of Mr. Han Qiao( 韩樵 ) , another second-generation-master of Yiquan, Lin probed into Jianwu, the highest study in Yiquan school.

In 1990, Mr. Lin set up Hubei ( 湖北 )Yiquan Research Association and acted as president. He is also initiator or one of the initiators for two other Yiquan organizations in Zhuhai( 珠海 ), or Juye( 巨野 ). He also holds honorary position for a Yiquan Institute in Beijing ( 北京 ).

Mr. Lin is praised as a scholarly martiologist. He published his Originality and Development of Yiquan, Yao Zongxun as a Yiquan Promoter, On Yiquan Standing Exercise and Martiology of Yao Zongxun. These four articles were published in famous Chinese Wushu issues and were well generally praised by the audience.

As a leading figure of third generation of Yiquan, Lin cherished his dream to spread and develop Yiquan and hence Chinese culture. He is willing to do everything to realize his dream.

About Yiquan and Mr. Wang Xiangzhai( 王芗斋 )

Yiquan ( 意拳, Mind-and-Will Boxing) is a evolved successor of Xingyiquan ( 形意拳, Form-and-Will Boxing). Mr. Wang Xiangzhai (1885-1963) , a great innovator and inventor in the history of Sinomartiology, studied Xingyiquan from Mr. Guo Yunsheng ( 郭云深 ) and created Yiquan, his own style when he was unsatisfied with the then over-attention upon postures among Chinese martial arts learners. As the name suggests, this style emphasized mind and will more than external postures. Of course, Wang integrated his own inspiration and essence from other martial schools into the new birth. Wang ever published in Shenbao (the then Shanghai Daily), expressing his will to compete with any outstanding Kungfu masters. He had ever combated over 1,000 masters (foreign ones included) in all his life with victory after victory except for two draws and one lose. These wins manifested the brilliance of Yiquan. Moreover, Yiquan is no more a martial arts than a hygeniecal mechanics. In the last decade of his life, Wang devoted all his energy to regiment, teaching standing exercise (one of the basics in Yiquan) as a physical therapy to thousands of chronical patients, most of them had had surprising curative effects.

Among Wang's students, or the second generation of Yiquan practitioners, there were a dazzling figures of fame. Some of them were martiologists, and some therapists or sanitarians. Mr. Yao Zongxun was one of the representatives among them. Due to Yao 's feat in Martial arts, he was entitled “Jizhai” (literally means “second to Wang”) by his teacher.