Club introduction
   YiQuan (ShenZhen China) club was established by Mr.Lin Zhaolun, who is one of the best students of Mr.Yao Zongxun, Mr.Lin is the third generation disciple of this Chinese Martial Art---YiQuan.

   The spirit of the club is to Strive Constantly To Become Stronger,to Innovate Continuously, to Develop Chinese Martial Art.

   The faith of the club is for fighting, for keeping in good health and for pursuing art.

   It is our mission to spread abroad Yiquan, to disseminate the essence of Yiquan, so let people understand Yiquan, and on the other hand Yiquan will bring benefit for the society.

   This is a flat to communication Chinese culture for the people who love it. You can learn and research the wonderful things about China and enjoy the happiness about Yiquan here.

   YiQuan (ShenZhen China) club also served as a platform for the communication among the martial art fans. Middle aged and seniors can come here for the purpose of health, also experience how deep and broad of chinese martial art, further more they can taste the artistic charm of Yiquan.